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Software solution designed to control high-risk activities

Work Pass Permit Software

The Tektegra Work Permit System is a software solution tailored to regulate high-risk tasks within a comprehensive safety framework. Companies devote substantial resources to safeguarding operations and prioritizing the welfare of their workforce, including employees, laborers, and contractors. Serving as a pivotal component in workplace safety management, the Tektegra Work Permit System oversees critical activities while enhancing communication between production and maintenance teams across all stages, from initial planning and readiness to execution, handover, and the return to regular operations.


Some sample work Permits and create a number of work permits as per requirement:

Involves welding, soldering, or cutting using hot flame techniques outside of designated workshop areas.

Covers activities performed under cold conditions.

Pertains to tasks conducted at elevated locations, including work on roofs.

Authorizes work on live electricity supply systems.

Encompasses activities involving chemicals or acids.

Pertains to digging trenches and excavation work.

Covers isolation or modification of fire safety systems, alarms, etc.

Benefits of choosing the digital work permit, here are some mentioned below:

Reduced time for permit planning

Utilize the pre-configured drop-down lists within the system to effortlessly select operations, authorized personnel, and required controls with just a single click. This feature significantly enhances efficiency, saving valuable time during this stage.

Streamlined work permit approval process for faster turnaround

Eliminate the need to physically move to another location for permit validation. Approvals can be carried out remotely, saving valuable time.

Streamlined decision-making process

Instant access to recorded information enhances control and visibility of both planned and ongoing work. Real-time analysis of this data can, under certain circumstances, help prevent increased security risks. This enables proactive measures to be taken to avoid incidents.

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