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Tektegra provides a variety of expert-driven social innovation commitments to assess both staff preparation and technological controls.

Engineering Assessment

Though technical threats are often the primary concern of a security audit, many times malicious attackers threaten employees personally, trick them into providing passwords, or installing malware. This assault – known as social engineering – will range from basic email phishing to complex operations utilizing various contact strategies. Tektegra provides a variety of expert-driven social innovation commitments to assess both staff preparation and technological controls. If it's conventional spear phishing (email), vishing (voice calls), or on-site inspection and trying to reach the actual building, we've qualified experts readily available.


Assessment Details and Methodology


The collection of information is a crucial step of social engineering which also influences the progress of the remainder of the evaluation. Using the black box' technique, our intelligence analysts carry out in-depth analysis to collect information from the target organization.

Create Pretext Scenarios and Payloads

If the objective has been thoroughly enumerated, the emphasis is on drawing up the payload. These specifics include the identification of departments, user positions, and the related pretext scenarios. These specifics mean that each customer is carefully researched for the most effective, tailored commitments.

Engage Targets

Using strategically structured strategies and pretexts, intelligence researchers at Tektegra engage workers by phishing emails or phone calls. For on-site assessments, several experiments are started, such as tailgating users and baiting staff with 'missing' USB drives in the office.

Assessment Reporting and Debrief

After the completion of the initiative and the aggregation of outcomes, a final report shall be submitted, containing both an executive overview and specific information.Remediation measures and training instructions are also given to guide the customer in the resolution of the training and policy problems found.

Employee Education

As an optional extension, Tektegra offers user training workshops for clients' staff. Whether hosted in a filmed online webinar or in-house training session, Tektegra offers premium security awareness training – by the same experts who did the initial work.

Phishing in Advanced Campaigns

Often straightforward social engineering commitments are fruitful by deliberately exploiting confidential information or access, but not all attacks are so straightforward. In the case of more advanced commitments, operators can request simple office material, such as the organizational structure or who is on vacation.


Assessment Types

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