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Keep Track and Automate the end-to-end moment of Material Inward – Outward, Returnable – Non returnable, Inter Branch Transfer at your Facility / Office Premises.

Material Gate Pass Management Software

The Material Gate Pass Management System is a software solution crafted to effectively oversee and regulate the flow of materials entering and exiting a facility or organization. It proves especially valuable in settings such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, and construction sites, where precise material tracking is essential for operational smoothness, security, and adherence to regulations. Tektegra's Material Gate Pass Management System automates the entire process of monitoring material movement, aiding companies in reducing material loss and thwarting unauthorized entry. The Material Management Application diligently tracks all material transitions in accordance with the user's specific business needs.


Key Features of Material Gate Pass Management Software


In the first stage of the material gate pass system, the requester submits a request according to their assigned user role configuration. This individual is tasked with generating gate passes for both the incoming and outgoing flow of materials and assets. The process is simple, incorporating customizable fields, with the requester initiating the gate pass request.

Approver Workflow

The workflow can be effectively managed within the system. Upon initiation of a gate pass request, approval from multiple tiers of authorities is required. The Tektegra gate pass management system allows for seamless configuration adjustments, enabling the addition or removal of individuals at different approval levels, whether in parallel or sequentially, to accommodate specific policy needs.


After approval, the material leaves the company through either the security or dispatch desk. Administrators can establish a multi-level (primary and secondary) dispatch through the workflow. Gate passes and delivery challans are issued upon confirmation of both the dispatcher and the material


Upon receiving the material or asset, the receiver or security desk will acknowledge it as either inward or outward (RGP or NRGP). The receiver or security desk can monitor and access real-time material movement records, with both the sender and receiver receiving email or SMS alerts


The final phase of the process involves meticulously tracking all returnable materials until they are returned, which includes issuing necessary reminders and escalating as required. Returns can encompass dispatches categorized as non-returnable, partially returnable, or fully returnable. The acceptance of returns marks the conclusive stage in the workflow.

Identify Each Material

Through our material gate pass management software, every material involved in the gate pass process can be readily identified by all stakeholders at each stage. Approvers have the capability to assess material images prior to granting digital approval, while dispatch personnel or receivers can easily identify materials using barcode or QR code scanners.

Capture Material Details

Tektegra MMS facilitates capturing extensive details. Track the material at any stage of its movement, recording and monitoring material quantities, images, vendor photo IDs, serial numbers, or any required specifications. QR codes aid in identifying the material.

Alerts & Reminders

In automating a gate pass workflow, alerts and notifications are essential components. Configure mobile and email alerts and reminders to be sent between initiators, approvers, vendors, security personnel, or receivers seamlessly. Additionally, effortlessly escalate notifications if returnable material remains outstanding past the due date.


Each organization maintains unique material gate pass policies and procedures. Irrespective of your business sector, the Tektegra material gate pass management system is adaptable to conform to your organization's individualized requirements. This ensures that you are not burdened with irrelevant features or systems, providing tailored solutions that cater precisely to your needs.

Reports & Analytics

All material gate pass data generated throughout the process is transformed into multiple MIS reports and analytics. Utilize these reports to make informed decisions. Easily check, for instance, the number of materials out for intra-company transfer, the quantity due for return on a specific date, and more.

Real Time Tracking

Every step within the gate pass workflow unfolds in real-time. Track the live movements of each material throughout the entire gate pass process, spanning multiple branches and locations from initiation to completion. Stay informed with updates and gain access to real-time reports and analytics for comprehensive monitoring and analysis.


Effortlessly Integrate the Material Gate Pass Management System with any third-party ERP system, weighbridge, vehicle management system, gate and turnstiles, and other software through API, web service, web API, plugin connector, etc., ensuring smooth facility and business operations.

Why Tektegra Material Gate Pass Management System?

Easy To Use

The Tektegra gate pass management software automates a complex process while maintaining user-friendly functionality.

Fool Proof

The Tektegra gate pass system is web-based, available on the cloud and on-premises, thereby minimizing manual errors.


The system enhances accountability for both security personnel and staff, as it cannot be tampered with.

No Clunky Hardware

The Tektegra MMS system necessitates minimal hardware.


It can be quickly and easily customized to meet any specific client needs as per their requirements.

Secure Data

Tektegra follows industry IT practices to safeguard data. Continuous backup measures are in place to ensure complete data security and guarantee.

Tektegra Material Gate Pass Management Software includes:

Material Registration

Users can register and document details about incoming and outgoing materials. This may include information such as material type, quantity, supplier details, and other relevant data.

Gate Pass Generation

The system generates gate passes or permits for materials entering or leaving the premises. These passes typically contain information like the material description, quantity, destination, and authorized personnel.

Authorization and Approval Workflow

There is often a workflow for authorization and approval. For example, supervisor or designated personnel may need to approve the issuance of a gate pass before materials are allowed to move.

Barcode/RFID Integration

Integration with barcode or RFID technology allows for quick and accurate scanning of materials and gate passes, reducing manual errors and improving the efficiency of the tracking process.

Real-time Monitoring

The system provides real-time monitoring of material movements. This ensures that authorized personnel can track the status and location of materials at any given time.

Reporting and Security

Comprehensive reporting features allow users to generate reports on material movements, stock levels etc. by ensuring security features to prevent unauthorized access.

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