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Our Managed Security Services (MSS) provide organizations with a comprehensive and proactive approach to cybersecurity, allowing them to detect and respond to threats in real-time

Managed Security (IT) Services

We are a premier IT Managed Service Provider organization, catering to the extensive Indian SMB market. Our hybrid solutions are crafted to empower businesses to adopt both current and future technological advancements seamlessly, all while prioritizing Cyber security and cost-effectiveness.


Solutions & Platform Products

Cloud Security

Protect Cloud based infrastructure

End-Point Security

Protect End-Points & other devices

Web Security

Protect Web based infrastructure

Compliance & Governance Security

Risk Management & Compliance solutions

Security Operations

Internal security and IT operations practices

Email Security

Protect against Spam & Phishing

App & DB Security

Protect Applications & Databases

OT security

Securing Operations, Protecting Assets

Network Security

Protect Network based infrastructure


Protect your devices with IDM/MDM

Data Security

Protect Database infrastructures


NOC Support

We offer round-the-clock, real-time remote monitoring of IT infrastructure and Prompt trouble ticket management to ensure minimal downtime and other services, including:


Hybrid Support

We provide you with an onsite team of certified IT engineers managing critical tasks. In addition, we offer a third-level support group assisting with advanced development as well as maintenance functions and other Hybrid support services such as:


Professional Services

We offer project-based services including:


FMS/ IT Staffing

We offer IT Management Services and Information Technology staffing services which includes but are not limited to:

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