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Our methods eliminate the possibility of false positives, and they identify risks and develop a plan to close any gaps.

Mobile Application Security Testing

Mobile Application Security is one of the most important components in the application development life cycle as hackers are increasingly targeting applications with their sophisticated attacks. It is making sure that the security of an application is more secure by identifying, rectifying and taking preventive action. Our comprehensive test methodologies include frameworks for detecting and highlighting security flaws in mobile applications using the SAST, DAST, and IAST methods for static and behavioral analysis. Every new iteration of our mobile device security testing solution is thoroughly tested against a 12-point specific certification criteria that maps to OWASP Mobile Top 10, SANS Top 25, and other regulatory requirements like PCI-DSS.


Mobile Application Security Services Benefits:

Assessment Details and Methodology

Reconnaissance & Assessment Reporting

As with malicious hackers, any penetration test starts with the collection of information. To identify vulnerabilities, collecting, parsing, and correlating information on the target is essential.If the engagement has been completed, Tektegra will include a concise review and vulnerability report, including remedial action. Our advisors set industry standards for transparent and succinct reviews, prioritizing the highest risk vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Detection

If the goal has been thoroughly listed, Tektegra uses both vulnerability scanning software and manual inspection to find security vulnerabilities. With decades of experience and custom-built equipment, our security engineers have found several unique and innovative ways of finding and fixing vulnerabilities. Although code scanning tools may be helpful in detecting low-hanging threats, they are no substitute for professional engineers. By using the previous mapping and scanning techniques, we concentrate on the most vulnerable areas of the code – and discover weaknesses that automated services have overlooked.

Attack and Post-Exploitation

At this point of the evaluation, our experts will analyse all prior data to detect and securely exploit known bugs in the program. Once critical access has been achieved, the emphasis will be on escalation and movement to determine technological risks and the overall market effect. During each step of the compromise, we keep client stakeholders updated about progress testing, maintaining asset protection and stability.

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