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By taking advantage of decades of combined intelligence research, our experts will help you determine the Vulnerability

Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is the method of simulating real-world threats using the same tactics as malicious hackers. For a safety evaluation that goes beyond a basic risk scanner, you need industry experts. Unlike automatic vulnerability tests that just scratch the surface of your network, Tektegra’s network penetration testing gives insights into the safety threats in your environment. Often straightforward social engineering commitments are fruitful by deliberately exploiting confidential information or access, but not all attacks are so straightforward. In the case of more advanced commitments, operators can request simple office material, such as the organizational structure or who is on vacation. This assessments can be categorized as External Network Assessment & Internal Network Assessment


By taking advantage of decades of combined intelligence research, our experts will help determine:

Solutions & Platform Products

Reconnaissance & Assessment Reporting

As with malicious hackers, any penetration test starts with the collection of information. To identify vulnerabilities, collecting, parsing, and correlating information on the target is essential.If the engagement has been completed, Tektegra will include a concise review and vulnerability report, including remedial action.

Vulnerability Detection

If the goal has been thoroughly listed, Tektegra uses both vulnerability scanning software and manual inspection to find security vulnerabilities. With decades of experience and custom-built equipment, our security engineers find loopholes that most automatic scanners ignore.

Attack and Post-Exploitation

At this point of the evaluation, our experts review all prior data to securely leverage known vulnerabilities. Once critical access has been achieved, attention is shifted to an escalation to identify the overall market effect.During each step of the compromise, we keep client stakeholders updated about progress testing, maintaining asset protection and stability.

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