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Track the moment of all types of Visitor at your premises.

Visitor Management Software

Tektegra Visitor management involves the systematic monitoring and administration of individuals entering specific locations, such as businesses, offices, or facilities. Its principal objective is to bolster security measures, optimize the check-in procedures, and uphold a comprehensive log of individuals accessing a premises. This practice finds relevance across diverse environments including corporate offices, educational institutions, medical centers, governmental establishments, and event spaces.


Key features in Tektegra Visitor Management software:

Visitor Appointments

Tektegra Visitor Appointment Software enables employees to pre-register visitors or allows visitors to self-register for meetings. Hosts can invite and generate pre-registrations, automatically sending location and meeting details for a quick sign-in process.

Intelligent Check-In

When arriving at your company, guests, contractors, or employees can check in conveniently via Android tab, iPad, or web-based system, which notifies you. Capture visitor's photo ID for identification. Upon completion, print credentials for facility access.

Record Visitor Image

Tektegra Visitor Management automatically takes photos of visitors, contractors, and staff upon arrival, storing them in your portal for easy access. It can also update photos for returning users. You can choose to enable or disable this feature as per your security needs.

QR Codes

Our Digital Visitor Management System generates QR codes or barcodes for visitors, contractors, and staff, enabling them to reuse badges for quicker registration on return visits. Scanning the code with a smartphone completes check-in instantly, reducing lines and queues.

Real Time Alerts

Tektegra VMS offers real-time alerts, keeping you updated with notifications regarding visitor arrivals and departures, appointments, staff attendance, and any on-site issues as they occur.

Gate Pass

Efficiently produce passes for different scenarios, like QR code-based, paper visitors (doubling as badges), ePass, or access card solutions. Tailor the validity duration for each pass type according to your specific requirements.

Emergency Notifications

Tektegra visitor software blends efficiency with top-notch security, enabling centralized oversight of multiple gates and locations. Administrators or security personnel can swiftly broadcast emergency messages and alerts to all employees or residents as needed.

Access Control Integration

Tektegra's visitor management system seamlessly integrates with diverse access control systems and hardware, from boom barriers and turnstiles to doors and elevators. This versatility enables effective management of parking systems as well.


The visitor dashboard acts as the central hub for authorized administrators, facilitating various operations. Serving as the system's core, it grants access to all visitor data, reports, and trends from any location, aiding swift and informed decision-making.

Data Privacy

Tektegra's visitor software prioritizes robust data security, guaranteeing foolproof privacy. We ensure the utmost safety of all stored data, offering a secure storage environment for your peace of mind.

Manage Multiple Locations

Effectively manage multiple branches and locations through a centralized dashboard, which includes customizable dashboards for each branch and personalized workflows to streamline operations.

Calender Integration

Our visitor management system seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Google Calendar, offering enhanced ease and flexibility for accomplishing various tasks

Configurable Access Rights

Activate or deactivate access rights at various levels and locations based on process requirements. Yes, Now Easily manage access privileges using Tektegra Visitor Management software's modern user interface, enabling simple activation or deactivation as needed

Self-Entry Kiosk

A self-check-in kiosk facilitates visitor independence by allowing them to check in autonomously upon arrival. This not only streamlines the process but also reduces the workload on reception staff. Additionally, it enhances security measures by ensuring accurate data entry and verification.


The Tektegra Visitor Tracking System notifies designated hosts and approved staff watchers when a visitor from the black watchlist checks in, ensuring immediate awareness of the individual's arrival.


Configure an approval-based workflow effortlessly through simple settings adjustments, ensuring customization to align perfectly with your needs and processes.

Sign Agreement Forms

The Tektegra Visitor Management Solution allows visitors to conveniently review and electronically sign legal documents, such as Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), directly on the kiosk/tab or during their scheduled appointment.

Bulk Invites for Pre-Entry

Efficiently streamline the invitation process by generating bulk invitations for multiple guests simultaneously with the Tektegra Visitor Management Solution. This feature ensures a seamless entry experience for guests, saving time and effort for both hosts and visitors.


Ensure precise visitor identification by scanning government-issued IDs and passports. Utilize internal watchlists to authorize or deny facility access, triggering system notifications to designated administrators upon detecting unauthorized entry attempts.


Get automated email reports on a regular basis, including end-of-day and monthly summaries, offering detailed visitor logs and essential insights such as watchlist matches, non-compliant visitors, and other pertinent information.

Benefits of Visitor Management:

Enhance digital effectiveness

Boost digital efficiency by replacing manual processes with Modern Visitor Management solutions. These systems minimize paper usage by storing, filing, and retrieving visitor information directly within the solution's back-office.

Improve workplace safety

Adopting visitor management software is essential for safeguarding workplace safety. Implementing touchless procedures for visitor check-in not only improves workplace safety but also underscores a robust dedication to ensuring safety standards.

Enhanced security

The Visitor Verification feature within a Visitor Management System monitors individuals listed on designated lists, capturing their images and authenticating their identity. This system provides real-time visibility into the security status of the building.

Improved office efficiency

Visitor Management solutions prioritize customization, offering unique and tailored designs. Self-registration empowers individuals to streamline check-in times, enabling them to create badges, sign compliance documents, and notify hosts independently, without assistance.


Consider the time and financial resources consumed by traditional pen and paper methods. Implementing a visitor management system will significantly reduce administrative costs and digitize the entire process, enhancing efficiency and accuracy.


Eliminate outdated manual procedures, boost efficiency, and elevate security and safety across your operations and facilities. Tektegra Visitor Management Software is tailored to protect your employees and organization, ensuring that only authorized visitors gain access to your facility.

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