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Tektegra offer Next Gen HCM Solution to automate your HR operations

Human Resource Management Software

Tektegra provides a cutting-edge Human Capital Management (HCM) Solution designed to streamline HR operations, enhance efficiency, and minimize manual workload within organizations. Our Next Gen HCM Solution integrates various HR functions, including employee data management, payroll processing, recruitment procedures, benefits administration, and attendance tracking, into a single, user-friendly software platform. With a proven track record of serving numerous organizations, our web-based HR Software offers over 12 modules spanning the entire employee lifecycle from recruitment to retirement. Additionally, clients have the flexibility to customize their solution by selecting modules that align with their specific requirements. Our HCM Solution is available both On-Premises and On-Cloud, ensuring accessibility and adaptability to diverse organizational needs.


Tektegra HRMS Key Features

Web Based

Gain access to our platform round the clock, from any location worldwide. Users can access the platform at any time, regardless of their geographical location, enhancing convenience and flexibility for HR-related tasks and processes.

Flexible Module

Organizations can opt for an On-Premises deployment, where the software is installed and managed locally on the organization's servers and infrastructure. Alternatively, they can choose a Cloud-based deployment, where the HRIM platform is hosted and managed by a third-party provider over the internet.

Easy Integration

Our Software's interoperability with external applications and systems is seamless. By integrating with third-party tools such as accounting software, applicant tracking systems, or employee benefits platforms, organizations can enhance the functionality of their HRIM software and streamline their HR processes.


Automation in our HRIM software streamlines repetitive tasks such as payroll processing, leave management, and performance evaluations, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors while improving efficiency in managing human resources.

User Interface

The user interface in tektegra HRIM software is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, facilitating easy navigation and interaction with the platform's features. It prioritizes clarity, accessibility, and efficiency to enhance the user experience for HR professionals and employees alike.


Our HRIM software ensures that it can adapt and grow alongside the organization's changing needs. Whether the organization expands its workforce, adds new functionalities, or increases data volumes, Our software can accommodate these changes without compromising performance.

Streamline Processes

By streamlining processes such as recruiting and training, performance management, and payroll management, the HRIM software saves time and reduces manual workload for HR professionals.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Employees can access personal information, request time off, enroll in benefits, etc.

Improve Compliance

Help organization to comply with labor laws, regulations, and internal policies by providing automated compliance checks, record- keeping, and reporting capabilities

Better Decision

Provides real-time data and analytics that can be used to make better HR decisions.

Time Savings

It automates many manual payroll processes, such as data entry, payroll calculations, tax filing etc. it can save time while lowering the error risk.

Centralized Management

With a centralized platform for managing all employee data, including personal information, job details, performance reviews, and benefits.

Tektegra HRMS Key Modules :

Employee Database

Get entire information about the employee in one go.


Have a complete command over the payroll

Time & Attendance

The most comprehensive Time & Attendance Software

TDS & Tax Planner

Salary TDS calculations simplified


Manage all your Leaves under one umbrella


Track your Claim & Reimbursement hassle free


Recruiting has never been this easy

Loans & Advances

Salary TDS calculations simplified


Boost your employees performance with 360 Degree Appraisal

Time Sheet

Control Labour Cost & Working hours of employee


Eliminate the need to physically move to another location for permit validation. Approvals can be carried out remotely, saving valuable time.

Mobile App

Now Access Payroll, Anytime, Anywhere, 24x7 on your mobile

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