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An efficient solution to manage your courier, keys, miscellaneous register, vehicles, calls etc

Digital Register Management System

Tektegra Digital Register Management System is crafted to automate the manual tracking of registers, converting them into digital formats. This revolutionary software, Tektegra DRM, eradicates the need for conventional tracking registers such as Courier Register, Key Register, Vehicle Register, Request Register, Miscellaneous Register, Call Register, Milk Register, and more. This system finds extensive application in educational institutions, businesses, government offices, and various organizations, aiming to streamline record-keeping procedures, elevate efficiency, and augment accessibility.


Here are key features in Tektegra Digital Register Management System:

Key Register

Effectively monitor the movement of keys by documenting check-out and check-in times. Administer a comprehensive key master database containing information such as department affiliations and authorized personnel. Establish and oversee various sub-registers to track the issuance and return of keys.

Vehicle Pass Register

The Vehicle management module enhances operational efficiency by offering real-time insights into vehicle whereabouts. Additionally, it promotes proactive measures by notifying authorities promptly when a vehicle exceeds the expected check-in time, ensuring swift response to any deviations.


You can handle service requests and various other types of requests from employees. Capture details such as type, status, sub-status, severity, priority, and issue category. Additionally, create and manage numerous issue categories and subcategories.

Employee Management Register

Tracking employee movement, unlike materials, is a highly sensitive issue. Maintaining a comprehensive tracking mechanism is nevertheless vital, and what better way to do it than to automate the entire process.

Miscellaneous Register

Track the name of the person, quantity, and other details in multiple registers, including: Milk Register, Watercan Register, Food Register, Lost & Found Register, Temporary ID Card Register, General, Magazines, etc.

Consumable Inventory Register

Monitor consumables inventory in real-time, analyze usage patterns and collaborate across the enterprise for enhanced control. Automate threshold alerts to vendors, security & admins, ensuring seamless management with email reminders & escalations.

Courier Register

Efficiently track both inward and outward couriers with two distinct sub-registers. Capture essential details, including sender and receiver information, within each sub-register. Monitor the movement of inward and outward couriers until they are picked up from the front/security desk.

Call Request

Ensure that no business calls are missed by utilizing the Call Register feature. This solution is designed to record all unattended calls, especially during non-business hours, preventing the loss of valuable communication opportunities & Empowering your team

Why Tektegra Digital Register Management System ?

Switch to our cutting-edge Register Digitization System to digitize registers, automate processes, and save costs with a paperless approach.

Going paperless enhances efficiency, cuts costs, boosts security, and meets ethical obligations, addressing concerns like deforestation.

Digitize your paper-based registers to access crucial information swiftly and efficiently through a unified login interface.

Tektegra Digital Register Management offers heightened security and customizable password settings to enforce robust, regularly updated passwords.

Tektegra Digital Register Management dashboard offers a real-time view of registers, enabling easy search and report generation.

Switch to Tektegra DRM to replace paper registers, saving costs and time, reducing errors, and preventing data overwriting.

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