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Contract Labour Management System

TEKTEGRA's contractor labor management system stands out as a comprehensive software solution designed to meet the unique requirements of your business. Tailored to address intricate contractor details such as names and contract expiry dates, this module effectively streamlines the entire contract management process. Its capabilities prove invaluable in efficiently managing labor data, minimizing fraud risks, optimizing manpower allocation, and enhancing overall system efficiency. Beyond process optimization, the system provides real-time visibility into workforce compliance and performance. It enables the implementation of robust security measures, creating a safe and secure work environment that reduces risks, saves time, and improves overall efficiency within organizations. Furthermore, TEKTEGRA's Contractor and Labor Management System is highly customizable, allowing it to adapt to the specific needs of each organization, making it a versatile solution suitable for various industries

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TEKTEGRA CLMS works based on the following modules:

Onboarding Contractors

Elevate workforce productivity with TEKTEGRA's Contractor Onboarding Management system. It provides robust customization options based on associate details, meeting unique organizational needs in terms of location, division, department, section, job role, and more catering to the operational needs of each organization.

Employee Work Authorization

Optimize processes with the Tektegra Worker Work Pass, eliminating manual processing and paperwork hassles in issuing third-party gate passes. This digital Contractor and Labour Work Pass simplifies and secures the check-in process for both contractor workers and employees, ensuring a smooth and secure front desk experience.

Time and Attendance

Tektegra Worker Attendance Management Software is equipped with features to manage shifts, workflows, weekly offs, holiday rostering, organization-specific attendance rules, incentives, and allowances for both contract employees and the entire workforce, covering half-day and full-day working scenarios.

Wage Management

Ensuring precise and timely wage calculations, it seamlessly integrates with statutory compliance. The system aids organizations in various transactions, encompassing wages, withholdings, deductions, allowances, periodic incentives, one-time payments, overtime, and more.

PPE Inventory Management

Tektegra's PPE inventory management for contractors and labor ensures efficient oversight of workplace Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). This user-friendly tool is ideal for organizations managing diverse worksites, offering customization for tasks, actions, and analysis tools tailored to specific needs.

Compliance Management

Compliance Management System (CMS) supports organizations in verifying that their guidelines and policies align with relevant rules and regulations. Additionally, it aids in the management of personnel monitoring, communication, and training. This system serves as a cornerstone for maintaining regulatory compliance.

Rewards Management

Utilize Our Reward Management Software to address training, development, and assistance needs for contract staff. With feedback, goal-setting, and real-time performance tracking features, ensure contract workforce performance aligns with organizational objectives. This solution aims to boost worker productivity, enhancing overall organizational effectiveness.

Agreement Management

Tektegra's CLMS Agreement Management System enables seamless management of multiple contracts on a unified platform. Whether involving contractors, customers, workers, or vendors, our Contractor and Labour Agreement Management Software efficiently handles the outsourcing of numerous contractors or suppliers, maintaining a productive and well-organized structure.

Workforce Training Management

Tektegra's Contractor and Labour Training Management System empower organizations with comprehensive control over training and development. It covers data management, needs identification, scheduling, investigations, file maintenance, assessments, and feedback. System streamlines budgeting, training for contract staff, accelerating learning, boosting engagement, enhancing satisfaction.

Request Management

Tektegra's CLMS Request Management Module simplifies requisition workflows, overseeing all requests from employees of contractors, contract labor, or employers within contractor workflows. Our Contractor and Labour Request Management Software enables users to monitor requests from initiation to delivery, ensuring a streamlined approval process.

Vendor Portal Management

Our support portal integrates easily accessible links, providing users with a seamless experience in accessing crucial features. Among these elements are options to update vendor and workforce profiles, facilitating efficient management of personnel information. Users can address general requests promptly through the portal, ensuring a swift resolution process.

Document Management

Our Labour Document Management Systems (DMS) are user-friendly, easy to navigate, highly secure & cost-effective. In situations where the contracting company manages multiple contracts or agreements, this system allows for the digital storage, organization, and analysis of documents. It serves as a document storage facility for items such as NDAs, MSME certifications, cancelled checks, and more.

Benefits of Tektegra Contract Labour Management System :

Comprehensive automation of the entire process from onboarding to off-boarding

Online Verification of Contractor Bills

Information Accuracy at 100%

Verification of Overtime Claims via Online Workflow

Benchmark for Productivity

Error-Free Paperless Record-Keeping and Calculations

Expense Reduction

Enhance Customer Service Levels

Enhanced Manpower Planning and Workforce Projection

Features of Tektegra Contract Labour Management System

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