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Gate Pass Management Systems

Tektegra Gate Pass Management system is a Gate automation software, it has been design & developed to optimize and addresses the facility management operations like Visitor Management, Material (I/O) management, Contract labour management, Vendor Work Permit, Courier Management, Consumable Inventory Management, Digital register, Work Pass Permit Software etc.

The purpose of implementing this application to eliminate all the manual registers at Security gate / Helpdesk which are managing in traditional way where doesn’t have any proper tracking system and audit trail, here Tektegra Gate Pass Management software play vital role in automation these areas that records and tracks the movements of visitors, vehicles, material inward outward, Contractor & Labour workforce, Courier tracking, Vendor Work Permit, Consumable Inventory with complete workflow and can be generate historical report, view dashboard at any given point of time.

a) Visitor Management System

Track the moment the visitor at your premises.
Tektegra Visitor Management system help Organization to enhance security, streamline the
check-in process, and maintain a record of people coming in and out of a premises. This can
be applicable in various settings, including corporate offices, schools, hospitals, government, buildings, and event venues.

b) Material Gate pass Management System

It helps Organization to track and manage the moment of physical material either it is inward/ Outward / Returnable / non-returnable, interbranch transfer. with or without workflow and eliminate all manual process.

c) Contract Employee Management System

Our Contract Employee Management System (CEMS), is a single, centralized solution that
automates the entire contract workforce management process can help manufacturers and
service providing companies drive cost savings and operational efficiencies for true
competitive advantage.

d) Mail Room Management System

It is software solution designed to streamline and automate the processes involved in
handling and managing incoming and outgoing mail within an organization. It automates the
process end-to-end right from the collection at source to delivery at the destination.

e) Digital Register Management System

It is software design to automate manual tracking registers, transforming them into digital
formats. This means Tektegra DRM eliminates traditional tracking registers like Courier
Register, Key Register, Vehicle Register, Request Register, Miscellaneous Register, Call
Register, Milk Register, etc.

f) Work Pass Permit Software

The Tektegra Work Permit System is a software solution tailored to regulate high-risk tasks within a comprehensive safety framework. Companies devote substantial resources to safeguarding operations and prioritizing the welfare of their workforce, including employees, laborers, and contractors.


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