The Tektegra Gate Pass Software monitors/Track and maintains gate registers for materials, Returnable and non-returnable pass types are supported for both inward and outward movements.

By automating the entire process of monitoring the movement, companies can reduce loss of material and also prevent unauthorized access to materials. Material gate pass management not only tracks movement of materials (as defined based on the business of the user), but also has the facility to generate auto escalation mails to the relevant departmental heads to report anomalies.

Your material ordering quantities can now be monitored as this gate pass software enables the tracking of quantities of materials on hand and also assigns an employee responsibility to every asset.

Material Gatepass Management Modules


REQUEST is the first stage of Material Gate Pass Management and is accessible based on the User Role configuration. Requestor is the employee who is the creating the gate pass. Authorisations, Request Search, Gate pass printing, View page and Request expiry can be customised based on requirements.

  • Role based requests for various categories of assets
  • Multi-level request authorisation
  • DC No. and DC Date are the internal delivery challan number and date that are manually entered by users.
  • Parallel material request and approvals can be configured
  • Map requests and approvals to department heads
  • Request automatically expires after x-days after which material can be re-requested
  • Configurable auto expiry of pending and approved requests

APPROVAL is the continuation of the workflow that requires the approval from the employees to process the material gate pass request. Approvals can be up to 3 levels, sequential or parallel.

Approver configuration can be made based on Department, Value, Material type and so on

  • Approvals can be role based or value based.
  • Multi-level approvals can be configured. Approvals can be sequential or parallel.
  • Notification to Department Head.
  • Record approver's signature & time of approval.

DISPATCH is the stage that sends the material outside the organization thru the dispatch desk or security desk. Multi-level dispatch can be configured by admin as per the requirements.

Acknowledgement is to acknowledge the receipt of materials at the other end, typically used in inter-branch or inter-location transfers.

  • Requested materials can be completely dispatched, partially dispatched or cancelled
  • Acknowledgement is enabled in Inter Office transfers of materials
  • Verification at multiple check points for added security Approver’s signature capture at every stage
  • Material dispatch verification at Stores and Gate
  • Gate pass designed for your business
  • Role based dispatch option

RETURNS can be non-returnable dispatches, partially returnable dispatches and completely returnable dispatches. Return Acceptance is the final stage of the workflow that can be configured where the returned items are checked and approved for acceptance by the department head or manager or the requester

  • Track returnable & non-returnable materials
  • Return can be Accepted or Rejected and reasons recorded for the same
  • Material Due Date is captured for returnable gate passes.
  • A Role based return approval and acknowledgement
  • Track Full and Partial returns, with reminders for pending returns
  • Acknowledgement for returns
  • Detailed reports on status of materials, contractors and returnable

"It is programmed to keep track of materials moving in and out of the facility"


  • Role based material requests, approvals, verifications and dispatches.
  • Centralised tracking option provided to the Department Head.
  • Design your own gate pass.
  • Full and partial returnable tracking.
  • Barcode scan for quick dispatch and returns.
  • Reminder and escalation notifications.
  • MIS reports for control of materials on premises.
  • Customisable forms for request, approvals, dispatch, returns and acknowledgement.
  • Capture signatures at every stage & ensure secure access levels internally.
  • Complete web-based solution and anywhere access facility

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