End to End Facility Management software that simplifies complex operations, aids cost reduction and improves efficiencies

TSPL- Enterprise Facility Management Software has been conceptualized, developed, continuously improvised, and innovated to optimize the entire physical environment of major industry sectors like Infrastructure, Real Estate, Telecom, Healthcare, Hospitality, etc.

What It is

TSPL- Enterprise Facility Management Software is a globally recognized software that competes with world-leading products in the Facility Management space. it works together with your business to provide a complete perspective on facilities operation by bringing together space, people, assets, and maintenance into a single system. It is a modular web-based Facilities Management solution; integrated and compatible with all popular Smart Building Solutions and access control systems aptly suited for enterprise-level Facilities Management.

What It Does

TSPL-EFMS works well with smart buildings to reduce wastage of energy, space and maximizes the asset life to help decrease the facility’s operational costs substantially. TSPL-EFMS addresses entire facility management operations like Asset Management, Property Management, Maintenance Management, Energy Dashboards, Facility Booking, Space Management, Tenant Billing, Resource Management, Time and Attendance Management, Travel Request Management, and Mail Room Management requirements

Maintenance Management System

Maintenance Management System provides Enterprise Asset Management, Property Management and Computerized Maintenance Management features that allows facility/asset managers to track, maintain and monitor their assets, properties, facilities and equipment to achieve optimum performance throughout the asset lifecycle.

Helpdesk and Knowledgebase

Helpdesk and Knowledgebase automates the helpdesk ticketing process with defined SLAs ensuring world-class service experience to customers/employees/occupants. The helpdesk software manages the workflow of registering, assigning & resolving all service requests and problems reported in a facility or an organization. The complete history of actions taken, events, follow-ups, messages exchanged, response times, and user feedback can be tracked via the system that helps in the analysis and improvement of the helpdesk and call resolution functions.

TSPL Helpdesk and Knowledgebase puts all the configurable service request details in a single place i.e., a centralized helpdesk solution to ensure resolving support requests is seamless and more convenient for your team.

The custom workflows of TSPL facilitate user to configure any required service/call type, categories & sub-categories to assign requests/issues/services to the respective team and team members to resolve within defined SLAs

Facility Booking System

The facility booking system/meeting room booking system is a web-based facility reservation software that provides complete controllability to manage shared and rentable facilities and resources. It streamlines the reservation and usage of common & individual facilities/equipment by businesses within a building. Facility booking, approval, and billing operations across organizations enhance operational efficiency. Meeting rooms, conference halls, office space, auditoriums, sports facilities, high-cost equipment, training facilities, etc., can be booked through the system seamlessly.

It eliminates the hassles involved in scheduling meetings, booking the required meeting rooms, inviting external and internal visitors, getting the meeting room cleaned before and after the meeting, order refreshments, book car parking spaces, etc., and all this can be done using a single interface.

Space Management System

TSPL Space Management System is the leading workplace space planning solution that allows to efficiently track & manage department/cost centre/project wise space allocation, seat assignment and helps in implementing hot-desking/on-demand seat booking of shared workspaces in this increased work-from-home era. Usage of floor plans for visual representation for planning, assignment & booking, integration with IoT seat sensors for real-time occupancy data, QR codes for users to scan & book seats, kiosk & mobile based space booking and occupancy trend analysis dashboards makes it very user-friendly to implement. The seamless shared spaces implementation and improved space automation helps organizations to save huge infrastructure costs.

Mailroom Management System

TSPL Mailroom Management System helps the mailroom operations of large office complexes to track the outgoing and incoming consignments until the same is delivered and confirmed. It automates the process end-to-end right from the collection at source to delivery at the destination, tracking consignments across multiple sites/multiple locations. With QR code/Barcode scanning, the tracking is made simple to track the status of the consignment anytime.

The delivery status of the consignment is also monitored and recorded, thereby the SLA of the service provider is analysed and SLA violations are reported. The system also provides invoice generation feature for the consignments handled

Cafeteria Management System

Food Service Management software automates the entire cafeteria operations end-to-end delivering delightful dining experience

A comprehensive solution to provide an enchanting cafeteria experience to your users!

TSPL Cafeteria Management system/Canteen Management system streamlines cafeteria operations in corporate offices, colleges/universities, hospitals, multi-tenanted facilities, food courts, etc. It automates the entire cafeteria operations including meal order processing, billing & payment, food waste monitoring, inventory management, etc., seamlessly. Digital signage for menu displays, chef’s kiosks, self-service ordering kiosks, POS systems, and smart mobile app eliminates long queues ensuring seamless catering operations.

Enhancing dining experience & ensuring health and wellbeing of consumers through healthy food choices are some of the tangible benefits of choosing TSPL Cafeteria Management system for your facilities.

Tenant Billing System / Utilities Billing Software

TSPL Tenant/Utilities Billing Software automates the cumbersome monthly billing process of multi-tenanted facilities like malls, airports, business/IT parks, commercial and residential complexes. Fixed charges like rental & common maintenance, electricity charges, water usage, common area apportioned charges, concessionaire charges, other tenant service charges, tenant specific ad-hoc services, etc. can be automatically billed with 100% accuracy and transparency.

The software can also integrate with Building Automation / Building Management Systems (BAS/BMS), smart meters, IoT meters, etc. to capture utilization data. With this system, you can also implement pre-paid metering and time-based charges (peak/normal/holiday rates) making it a complete solution to meet all your tenant billing needs. The software also integrates with your ERP / Financial Accounting software.

Building Automation System / Building Management System (BAS/BMS) Integration

Make your buildings Intelligent & work closely with your occupants

Building Management/Automation Systems (BMS/BAS) are interconnected networks of hardware and software that provide a single point of control and monitoring a workplace, commercial or industrial facility. BAS/BMS integration with TSPL provides smart automation for the facilities enabling monitoring and controlling of various sensors/equipment/assets to improve the building operations. It manages various building systems ensuring the operational performance of the facility as well as the comfort and safety of building occupants.

Travel Requests Management System

Automate and streamline corporate travel desk requests management effortlessly!

TSPL Travel Requests Management system streamlines the process of tracking and managing all business travel requests like air ticket reservations, visa processing, foreign currency purchase, hotel reservations, car rentals, etc. adhering to corporate travel policies. The cost approval workflows, cross-department chargebacks, vendor invoice reconciliation are also fully automated.

The system reduces processing time, ensures that every request is monitored with SLAs, and tracks all events relating to the booking process resulting in enhanced employee satisfaction

Project Management System

Track & manage project details, tasks, time spent, billable hours, etc. all in one place

TSPL Project Tasks Management System/Project Management Software features project time management and time tracking functionalities that streamlines the performance of your project, calculates project-specific billable hours spent by employees, tracks the progress of all the tasks in a project, and monitors the performance of all the executives involved in the project efficiently.

TSPL Project Management Software offers project planning & time management capabilities with a comprehensive breakdown of the project & its related tasks with project details including the tasks to be completed / pending, assigned team member for a particular task, additional hours required, projected overrun, the time required to complete the tasks, etc. An efficient project management software like TSPL lets you take control of the project planning and enables you & your team to stay on top of project deadlines and updates/statuses.

Workflow Engine

Workflow Engine is a full-fledged workflow management tool that allows administrators to implement complex workflows involving multi-level approvals, rule-based branching to all TSPL functions. The application helps in setting up additional business processes like approval mechanisms, extend customization, and expansion capabilities without modifying the base application.

Instant Feedback System

The occupants/employees of buildings don’t report the problems they see in the toilets/cafeterias/common areas or give feedback/suggestions to improve the services owing to reasons like not knowing whom to report to, or due to the efforts needed to raise a complaint, or just due of sheer lack of interest. This leads to the need for doing frequent monitoring/inspections involving additional manpower and a lot more efforts to maintain the facility at its best.

Our Instant Feedback System makes it super friendly for the occupant to report a problem in a single click or give their feedback thereby making life easy for the facility managers to improve the standards.

Patrol Management System

Our Patrol Management System is a software that has a mobile and web component that enables security managers to track the patrolling operations by creating routes and assigning the security guards to do the patrolling and registering the activity by scanning QR codes/NFC tags/RFID/BLE and also by using GPS tracking at various checkpoints at scheduled intervals. The security guards can also raise incidents instantly. The security guard performance analytics helps in improving the overall security operations.

Warehouse Management System

This suite covers all warehousing activities such as receiving, put-away, storage, inventory management, supply, replenishment, kitting, order fulfilment, picking, checking, packing, and dispatch, by keeping track of each of the activities leveraging advanced data capture using Barcode labelling/RFID tagging and related technologies.

It provides visibility of inventory through the entire life cycle of goods getting processed through the Warehouse Management System, right from the time it enters the warehouse until it leaves the facility.