Better document management and control

Yourorganization needs better management of, control of and access to its critical information.Documents and other content is the lifeblood of every enterprise, fromcontracts to invoices, policydocuments to employeerecords and any other type of file. DMS is the solution to that need.

As organizations have transitionedfrom file cabinets full of paper to the same file cabinets full ofdocuments living on servers or individual desktops, the need for a simple to use document management system has only increased.The file you need is on someone else's desktop, the e-mail requestingpayment approvaldidn'tmake it to the approver, the contract is due for renewal but no one is sure whichis the most recent version.

DMS gives your team a simple to use, easy to navigate document management tool to track, manageand approve the documents that make your business run.

The Promise of Paperless

A paperless organization is about more than just moving things from file cabinets to file servers.It's about business processes,approvals,tracking the most important part of your business…information.DMS helps you to organize your information and work flow in a way that makes the move to a more paperless organization seamless.

Why DMS?

DMS is a Document Management System that's easy to use, simple to implement and requires little training,all the while offering robust functionality to make your document management process more powerful for your organization.

DMS Solution Benefits

  • Reduced Storage
  • Increased Control of Information
  • Flexible Retrieval Options
  • Improved Security
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Digital Archiving
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Improved Operations / Workflow
  • Improved Customer Service & Satisfaction
  • Improved Productivity
  • Mobile Compatible

DMS Features

Web Enabled Users can access their documents from any where.
Familiar Interface Familiar Outlook and Windows Explorer style interface.
Low Initial Costs Simple Installation steps, highly configurable, and minimal training requirements all result in reduced setup costs
User Quota Administrative options to limit space usage on the server per user.
Localization DMS supports 110 different languages and user can choose any one.
MS Office Integration Users can access their documents from any where.
Open Office Integration Prefer an open source office productivity suite? Doccept also supports Open Office.
API Integration Well Documented API to integrate with any external software.
Single Sign-On Integrate with LDAP / Active Directory and use your existing password.
Scanner Integration Scan documents directly into Doccept using any TWAIN compatible scanner.
Dashboard Viewcurrent activity and quickly access your latest work.
Workflow Event-driven workflows for review and approval mechanisms.
Templates Quickly create documents using pre-defined templates.
Tag Emails Integrate with LDAP / Active Directory and use your existing password
Email Archiving Configure any POP3 or IMAP mail server account, pull the emails from the server, and archive them in DMS.
Auto Folder Structure Quickly createpre-defined folder structures including rules and alerts.
Search and Tagging
Full TextSearch Search for content located within a document.
Custom Meta Data Create your own fields to tag relevant information about the document.
Reports An excellent collection of reports available by default.
OCR Ability to extract text from image and PDF files
View/Edit OCR Text An inbuilt OCR engine that can extract text from image files such as GIF, TIFF, PNG, etc. with the ability to edit/correct extracted text
Alerts and Notifications
Task reminders Setup recurring alerts at predefined intervals for specific tasks.
Auditing Configure Physical audits of documents while capturing the Auditor and physical custodian details.
Snooze Suspend notifications by a specific number of days or till a specific date.
Document Handling
Document Upload Upload a single document via a file upload, or drag-n-drop multiple files to DMS Window.Automatically extract files and folders from uploaded zip files.
File and Folder Download files or folders individually or as a compressed zip file.
Mass Check-In Upload all of your checked out files in one simple step.
Document Version Easy version management. Restore a previous version with one-click.
Subscriptions Subscribe to documents to receive notifications on changes.
Create Link Feature Eliminate duplicates and provide the ability to access related documents by creating shortcut links.
Document Preview Preview up to 100 different formats of files directly within Doccept including PDF, MS/ Open Office files, all image/audio/ video files, tiff files, etc.
AutoCAD Preview Preview AutoCAD documents directly within Doccept without installing expensive software.
Tagging Tag documents with keywords for easy search and retrieval.
Commenting Add custom notes to files and folders.
Audit Trail Trackevery activity including view, update, login, etc.
Custom Profiles Create custom profiles for users as per the business needs of the organization.
Access Permissions Define permissions at organization,role, and user levels.
Lock/Unlock Documents Prevent modifications to documents by locking it.
Document Expiration Automatically delete documents as per your retention policy.
Secure Trash Never lose a document because of accidental or intentional deletion of documents.All deleted documents are moved to a secure trash folder
Antivirus Integration

DMS fits your business

DMS is as easy to acquire as it is to use. We have deployment models to fit every business need:

On Premise : DMS deployed in your IT environment on a per named user license basis

Third Party Hosted :DMS deployed on your existing cloud server environment

SaaS :A fully hosted and managed solution.