Contractor Module
  • Few questions to ask to see if you are managing your assets effectively:
  • Eliminate all manual, paper-based empanelment processes and switch to our completely digitized Contractor Management.
  • Used to record entry and exit of Contractor workers
  • Issue Contractor Pass for a specific period
  • Manage Contractor details
  • Document Repository for each Contract worker
  • Issue Work Permit for the maintenance Contractor workers or vendor Contractor Workflow approval process
  • for Maintenance Contractor worker.
Regular Contractors

Register your Contractor

  • Capture the basic details of the contractor worker like First Name, Last Name, Token or Pass Number, etc.
  • Capture the contact details of the contractor like Present and Permanent address, Email, Mobile Number, etc.
  • Capture the personal details of the contractor like DOB, Blood Group, Qualification, Height, Weight, etc.
  • Option to scan the ID proof of the contractor and store the image of the ID card or future reference.
  • Send automatic notifications to complete empanelment process.
  • User can view, edit and delete the Contractors from the system.
  • Indicate to whom the Contractor will be reporting to. The Reporting to person could be one of the Contractor or an employee.
  • User can capture the photo or upload the image of the Contractor
  • Bulk Upload (Apart from adding the Contractor manually, it’s also possible to upload the list of Contractors into the system)

Review and Approve Documents.

  • Contractor Management Module includes powerful features to help automate and monitor the documents uploaded by the vendor.
  • Once the vendor completes uploading the documents, administration team gets e-mail notification to verify the uploaded documents.
  • Reviewer will receive that information as a notification, and be subscribed to future changes on that document.
  • Based on review comments, the documents can either be approved or rejected.

Document Repository

  • System has the option to upload many number of documents related to the Contractor.
  • Documents like the Contractor’s work experience details, Medical records, PF, ESI, Form 26, etc. can be uploaded and maintained to refer those in future.

Contractor Repository

  • Easily register and find Contracts by category, department, business partner, etc.
  • See and maintain your payment obligations and revenue potential for each contractor.
  • Upload your Contractor as a file or link to a file within your own network or cloud storage solution.
  • Manage the complete lifecycle of your Contractor including all amendments and changes.


  • Optionally, user can capture the fingerprint (max of 2 fingers) for the security purpose.
  • Captured fingerprint can also be used for entry and exit purpose.

Contractor Pass Design

  • Highly customizable Contractor pass with image, company logo, layout (vertical or horizontal), fields based on the specific requirements, etc.
  • Option to create the pass from the pre-defined library templates
  • User can also include images like restricted access, warning, no smoking, etc.

Issue Pass to Contractors

  • Issuing the pass to the Contractors for the specific period by mentioned the valid from and valid to.
  • System also captures the working hours for each Contractors. It might be needed to get the OT hours based on their entry and exit information.
  • Capture the details of the person who is issuing the pass with their signature.


  • Check -in Contractors at your site via the Web, Tab.
  • Ease and quick Check-in by just scanning the barcode.
  • User can also type the Token/Pass Number or Name to search the Contractors and select a Contractor to check-in.
  • After selecting the Contractor, the details of the Contractor will be auto-filled
  • It’s also possible to do the check-in by the Contractor fingerprint. (Fingerprint Check-In)
  • All health and safety information and induction related information can easily be displayed on all devices.
  • Track time and attendance of Contractors via our easy to use web dashboard. Ideal for construction, mining,
  • industrial or facilities management.


  • Check -out Contractors at your site via the Web, Tab.
  • Ease and quick Check-out by just scanning the barcode.
  • User can also type the Token/Pass Number or Name or Department to search the Contractors and select a contractor to check-out.
  • After selecting the Contractor, the details of the Contractor will be auto-filled o It’s also possible to do the check-out by the Contractor fingerprint. (Fingerprint Check-Out).


  • Track Expiry date of the Contractor Pass & notify the user.
  • Get in touch with all Contractors on site in an instant.
  • Push notifications, SMS and emails to all site Contractors, staff and visitors real-time. Group and individual messages can be sent from the site team.


  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly attendance report
  • Detailed check-in & check-out report / Overtime report
  • Track and report on all active Contractors at one site or portfolio of sites from one easy to use central web dashboard.
  • Generate internal reports in an instant and share them with your colleagues or suppliers.
  • Auto generated close of business reports appear in your inbox each day showing how many Contractors attended
  • site and who is still on site

Vendor Contractors / Contractors for the Maintenance Work

  • Vendor Contractors or Contractors for the maintenance work will be treated as short- term visitors for specific number of days (Multi-day pass)


  • Employee can make a request to get the approval from their manager for the maintenance work.
  • Employee can also indicate the work location, nature of work, number of Contractor workers, etc.
  • While creating an appointment, employee will have option to select the Hazards and Risks in the work.
  • Employee can also mention the safety requirements (checklist) like Helmet, shoes, etc. are needed to work in the
  • specific location.

Approval Process

  • Once the request sent for the manager (could be Factory Manager also) approval, the manager can add/remove the risks & safety checklist indicated by the employee.
  • User can configure for one Primary Approver and 10 alternate approvers
  • User can also decide whether the approval request should be sent to the primary and alternate approvers simultaneously or on a timely basis.
  • Upto 3 levels of approval process can be configured.
  • After the Factory Manager approval, the request might go for the Health and Safety Department for their approval.

Work Permit

  • After the complete approval process over, the security guard can print the Work Permit which will have the details such as work location, nature of work, Hazards and Risks in the work, safety requirements, etc.
  • One work permit can be printed for the group of maintenance workers and Pass Number will be printed for each individual.


  • After creating the appointment, approvers can be notified
  • After the complete approval process, if the request is approved then the employee and the Contractor will be notified.
  • If the request is rejected by any of the approver level then it will be notified only to the employee and not to the contractor
  • During check-in/check-out, the employee can be notified
  • Overstay notification to the employee.
  • When a Contractor arrives at your workplace, their host can be notified with an instant email / SMS notification.


  • While check-in security guard will have the option to key-in the permit number
  • Capture all the details of the Contractor (visitor) and then print the pass for each individual in that group.
  • It’s a multi-day pass, so the Contractor can easily check-in the following days until the validity of the pass.
  • If the validity of the pass has been expired then the system will not allow the Contractor to check-in


  • Contractor can check-in and check-out multiple times in a day.
  • Each entry and exit can be captured in the system.


  • Ease to take the report about the manpower spent for the specific work.
  • Multiple search criteria to get different kinds of report based on the entered data.
  • Set up your daily reports in web dashboard and invite your whole team.

Display Health & Safety Information, Site Inductions

  • Display your entry processes on all devices like tablet and Web check-in.
  • HSE (Health and Safety Executive) information, site inductions and workplace related processes can be displayed on entry.
  • Decrease risk and increase compliance at your site with easy to use contractor management system.
  • Publish custom entry forms in an instant.

Evacuation Lists and Emergency Reports

  • CMS allows your site team to print or email live lists of all active Contractors on site.
  • Provide an up to date list of personnel on site in an instant in case of a drill or real emergency.
  • Run instant evacuation lists right from your web dashboard and see who is on site.

Ditch the book!

  • Let’s face it, the paper visitor book is looking very 80’s right now. It’s hard to read, lacks security, and is not at all confidential.
  • The time has come to ditch these old and dated paper visitor book and replace them with an easy to use digital visitor & Contractor Management System.

Save time and keep it Simple

  • If your facility is a busy place, you will know that time, that of both you and your team, is the most valuable resource you have.
  • Our mission at CMS is not only to do away with all the paper, but also to be your partner with easy to use, time saving products that solve real life issues at your site.
  • CMS is easy to set up and use – you can be checking in Contractors and tracking keys and assets in minutes.

Track Every Contractor Type (Regular or Non- Regular)

  • Created for much more than just one type of Contractor, process, or on-site event.
  • CMS allows you an overview of every visitor designation that comes to see you; Visitors, Contractors, special permits, work orders, and more.
  • Easily create custom Contractor types to fit your needs and activate facial recognition with Face Track for higher volume vendors such as cleaners.

Track assets

  • Track your asset keys, access control cards, passes, and any other physical assets.
  • Scan and Track allows you to tag keys, cards, passes and any other physical assets.
  • Once tagged, they can be allocated to an employee, Contractor, or visitor quickly, easily and accurately.

Share info to your Suppliers

  • Share info to your suppliers who also need to know about the movements and activities of their staff on your site.
  • Create groups on CMS to allow your corporate vendors to see all activity at a site.
  • Allowing to supplier secure access to your system can be a real advantage

See the big picture

  • Keeping track of everyone’s movements across your workplace allows you to continually improve your productivity.
  • Export all detailed Contractor information and set date, site and company filters to export all results straight to CSV.
  • Get a helicopter view across one workplace, or over an entire portfolio in CMS web dashboard.

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