As advancements in IT infrastructure accelerate, it is critical that your IT systems are aligned with your business needs. Companies around the world rely on our strategic thought leadership, rigor and consulting discipline for evaluating and planning infrastructure technology and services. We work with you to architect a holistic solution that integrates new technologies with the legacy environment, in line with your IT strategy. As part of any transformation, we identify the required changes to the infrastructure – from network, communications, and security to the data centre, end-user computing, applications, and service management – to ensure the new service delivers the desired return on investment and business outcomes. A customized advisory framework with audit summary helps in pushing your business objectives. We provide these services across a range of technologies and delivery models including mobility, cloud, IT outsourcing, network, communications​, data centre, end-user computing, security, and sustainability.

Our seasoned professionals & consultants advise you on optimal ways to use technology and services to transform your environment. We help you develop a strategic roadmap that aligns your IT strategy and investments to your business priorities.

Enterprise IT Infrastructure Architecture

Studying the Topology and design of IT system

IT Strategy

Business – IT Roadmap

IT Security Strategy

Performing Impact Analysis for active scans across networks, servers, desktops and hosted application

Security Posture Assessment & Audit

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing of network and server infrastructure

Business Continuity

Establishment of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan

Cloud Transformation

Helps organizations to adopt or integrate the infrastructure for better efficiency and optimization

IT Policy & Process Framework

Establishment of IT Policies & Procedures

IT Service Management Framework

Follow-up and advisory audit to improve overall security posture

Web Application Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Exploiting website vulnerabilities is Number One problem in the world.

Code Review

During application code reviews, our tech-experts work with customer's development team to deliver a more secure product.