About Tektegra

Tektegra is a leading IT Consulting and Technology services company which is offering full-spectrum Consulting, Technology and Business processing Services which span across different verticals such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance , Health Care, Media, Communications, Retail, Manufacturing Power Energy and Information Technologies.

Tektegra address the specific needs of our customers from Small Businesses to Enterprise-level Corporations – both local as well as international. We have the experience and the understanding to improve business performance and business processes and technology platforms. We possess a keen understanding of the Client requirements hence our solutions focus on delivering competitive business advantage and increased productivity for all our clients in a cost effective manner.

Our strong quality orientation and cross-technology expertise combined with distributed project management capabilities means that we are able to continually deliver successful projects to the customer’s satisfaction.

Mission: To be a pioneer in the creation of strategic relationships with the client and sustain them to garner an unflinching confidence from our clients for adaptive enterprise solutions in the global market.

Vision: To create and develop a true consulting organization and to be a provider of world-class quality Information Technology Solutions.

Our People: Talented, motivated and creative people at the heart our success. We want our people to thrive, prosper and leave work every day feeling valued and that they have made a difference. In return, Tektegra, is committed to their professional and personal development and to ensure that we offer a fantastic place to work.

Value: We are open & crystal clear with the values of personal & professional integrity. Having gratitude & making opportunities for our diversify employees and focused on delivering value to our customers. We are enthusiastic & innovative about we have to do and we are active and responsive in our business communities.